Download CCMaker 2020 v1.3.7 for Mac & Windows

Do you want to download CCMaker 2020? Then you are on the right page and in the right place. Not only will you have the direct link to download the latest version of CCMaker 2020 but also a ccmaker tutorial guide is included in the article. So here we go.

Everyone today knows Adobe. If you don’t, just know that it’s a huge company that is well known for creating design software, creativity, web design and many other services.

Almost every day we use these products: Lightroom, After Effects (for film editing), Adobe Photoshop (for photo editing), etc. Unfortunately, the problem is that these products come with the 15-day free trial, after which you need to purchase a license from Adobe CC to use it further.

Now what will it be like if you can’t get limited access to your projects? Because if you don’t buy it, you won’t be able to use it anymore. Yes, this thing hurts a lot when you like a product and find it expensive. Lucky for you, no one on earth can buy a paid license, so many developers have contributed to making it free for users to use.

What is CCMaker

CCMaker is Adobe’s product which means Creative Cloud where you can download all Adobe applications. CCMaker or Creative Cloud Maker does the same thing as CC. It also allows any user to download and install the latest version of all Adobe applications from its servers.

Adobe CCMaker or Adobe Creative Cloud Maker is the application that allows users to download any Adobe CC product freely and also to activate them using AMTEmu by PainteR.

So with CCMaker, you won’t need to..:

  • To create an account on the Adobe site, which is also annoying.
  • De télécharger les Adobe CC desktop pour installer les dernières versions 2019 de Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Camera Raw, Dreamweaver, After Effects , InCopy, Media Encoder, Character Animator, Audition, Illustrator, InDesign, Muse, Premiere, Bridge, Prelude, Dimension, Animate CC, Mobile Device Packaging, Etc

CCMaker Features

If you would like to get a general overview of the CCMaker utility, here are some of the main features you should be aware of

No Adobe account required

If you have already used Creative Cloud, you know that it requires an Adobe account to download. So, if you don’t have an Adobe account, this tool is useful for you because it does not require an Adobe account. You can easily download all products without logging in to CCMaker.

Original Download

Yes, you have read correctly, CCMaker allows its users to get the latest but original application. Creative Cloud Maker downloads applications directly from its own Adobe server. This means that it is not included in the piracy and that you download in a 100% legal way.

Last download

CCMaker directly downloads the latest versions of all Adobe applications. You do not need to go to their website to get the latest version. In addition you can update all products using CCMaker.

Automatic activation

It will be automatically activated right after downloading and installing your product. This software comes with the built-in AMTEmu which is manufactured by PainteR. AMTEmu is a tool to activate Adobe products without paying money for a product key.

CCMaker installation file information

Version V1.3.7
Size 2.66 Mb
Category Activator
Updated 1 day ago
installed 10 000 000+
Operating system Windows 10, 8 or 7
Awards Free

System requirements

  • 10 MB of free hard disk space
  • Have an internet connection
  • Have installed Microsoft Universal Runtime

Download Adobe CCMaker – Adobe Creative Cloud Maker 2020 for free

Use the download button below to download Adobe CCMaker – Adobe Creative Cloud Maker free of charge via a direct download link.

In only 10 seconds of account you will get your activator and crack CCMaker on RDCongo for free and fast. So be a patient while downloading

How to install and use CCMaker

Follow the steps below to install CCMaker on Pc

STEP 1: After downloading, Extract the “” file with WinRar, PeaZip or even a Windows 10 zip extractor.

Password for the archive: atm

STEP 2: Run the “CCMaker.exe” file as administrator.

STEP 3: On the CCMaker installation window, you will find 3 options.

  • Download and install
  • Download
  • Install

Select the first option Then wait for some ttf.xml files to download. It will take some time.

STEP 4: After successful file upload. In the new window, you will be asked to choose the product you wish to download, its version and the location to save your files. Then validate with “next” button

STEP 5: Choose the components according to your choice, language and make sure to check the “Activate AMTEmu” box so that your successfully downloaded and installed file will automatically be activated as well. Then click on “Next” and then “Install” to finish.

It is now in a while, it will be downloaded and installed automatically in your system. Now all you have to do is launch the program from the Start menu and enjoy any Adobe product for free.

CCMaker – Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

This CCMaker FAQ Section answers a list of the most frequently asked questions collected from the Internet. So if you have just installed an Adobe product using Creative cloud Maker but still have questions. This section is yours.

In case you don’t find your answer in this FAQ list, you can ask in the comments section or contact us.

I’ve encountered an error “Failure to recover data from Creative Cloud products”

This problem only occurs when you download the wrong Microsoft Universal C Runtime (CRT). So be sure to download the correct version of Microsoft Universal C Runtime (CRT) for your machine from the Microsoft Web site.

Does CCMaker support Adobe 2019?

Indeed, in the latest version of the Adobe product, there is no “amtlib.dll” file that AMTEmu has used to correct. In this case, you cannot correct the latest version of Adobe.

Maybe in the future zerocod3 or PainteR will release any new patcher for this update. So currently there is no software available for this, so you should use version 2018 only.

Does CCMaker access personal data / files?

No, he will never have access to your personal files and data. Even it will not ask you for permission to access your local drives, etc.

Do I need to have an Adobe account to use creative cloud maker?

No, you do not need to have an Adobe account. The reason for CCMaker’s popularity is that it does not require an Adobe ID.

Is it safe to use the CCMaker tool?

Yes, of course, CCMaker is the safest tool that can be easily used on any computer.

Can I use CCMaker on my Mac?

Unfortunately NO. Only on WIndows

Why use Adobe CCMaker?

This tool essentially helps individuals download the latest Adobe products directly from their server at high speed. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to have a Creative Cloud account in it.

How do I activate this product after downloading?

CCMaker has a built-in AMTEmu activator that automatically activates your application while it is being downloaded and installed. If your application is not activated, you must activate it manually.

Follow this guide to manually activate any Adobe product: AMTEmu Universal Adobe Patcher


CC Maker is the best and one of the legal ways to download free Adobe products. It is the only tool that allows its users to download files directly from Adobe servers. The best thing about CCMaker is that it is much more usable compared to the Creative Cloud which is the same as this software. If it has helped you also do not hesitate to share the article with your next

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